Zifsoft release Scheduler Fides


e: Salsa Scheduler Fides Project Name: Scheduler Project F App Name: Scheduler Fides Version: v 5.5 Icon: Audience: Recruiters Operations Objective: Batch processing of Resumes, approximately 1000 in 10 minutes. What’s new: 5 key features: Feature 1: RB (Resume Bank) operations. Get rid of duplicates & files that can’t be opened. Feature 2: File converters. Feature 3: Algorithm driven auto processing of resumes. Hunts Email, addresses, phone number, job role,…


Zifsoft releases Salsa Selenium Netnymph


 App geneaology: Salsa Selenium NetworkNymph Project name: Net Nymph Version: Selenium version 3.0  Icon: What’s new: Recursive Technology Objective:  The objective of network nymph to advance Selenium to a fully automated lead generation technology which can scrape contacts (email, phone) off any kind of website. Description:  Selenium Netnymph works off two a couple of key technologies that resides as services in Selenium and Magneto. Magneto is a app with over…


Investor Relations


Dear Potential Investor, Thank you for reading this page. Zifsoft is fully funded by it’s founder & programmer (Dylan). To accelerate the current program, it’s estimated that Zifsoft needs USD 3 Million to complete Salsa Earth, Salsa Ocean and Salsa Sky. There are half a dozen programs to make these systems a quantum leap. Each of the programs will yield standalone products. An example of a program is the Invader Aggressor program that…


Using Salsa Sales Module to run your campaign


lifestyle innovation July 16, 2016 No Comments   Life is a campaign. There’s a start and end. Within the compartment of our lives, we run smaller campaigns: sales, recruitment, getting a raise. Campaigning is systematic, getting the pile of list, sifting through the list to find the diamond. Zifsoft’s Salsa makes life easy for the campaigner. Zifsoft Salsa is the enabler for the campaigner. The first step to any campaign…