Zifsoft releases Salsa Invoice Multi (version3.5)


 Salsa Suite / App: Invoice Project Name: Multi (Make Invoice) (MMI) App version: v3.5 Icon: What’s new: New feature: Multi Make Invoice (MMI) Split the function of from Reset X. Clear X Reset X (Clear X, Insert X) Streamlined invoice generation: Faster invoice generation. No more pop up asking if you want to delete existing invoice. It just does it. PDF print & sent invoice can be done on the…


Zifsoft releases Aggressor Egghead


Salsa Invader: MsOutlook Plugin version 4.5 Program: Aggressor Icon  Description: Aggressor Egg Head smart features to help construct email complaints to admins / support function / ISPs. 4 new features in Aggressor Egg Head. Feature 1: Categorization of similar viruses Feature #2: Auto construct ISP list by collection or annexation.  Goes through ISP list and collects relevant ISP emails.  Allows  user search on the web and annex ISP / support /…


Zipsoft releases: Invader version 1.2


What is Invader? Salsa MS Outlook connector Facilitate exchange of information between MS Outlook and Salsa Database To create an automatic profiler where the contacts becomes alive. As part of the roadmap to make the profiler, the Aggressor program is launched. Aggressor turns to fighting spam as a first step to creating that smart algorithm. The Aggressor program will also be commercially viable as we know junkbox doesn’t work and…