Zifsoft releases Salsa Selenium Netnymph


 App geneaology: Salsa Selenium NetworkNymph Project name: Net Nymph Version: Selenium version 3.0  Icon: What’s new: Recursive Technology Objective:  The objective of network nymph to advance Selenium to a fully automated lead generation technology which can scrape contacts (email, phone) off any kind of website. Description:  Selenium Netnymph works off two a couple of key technologies that resides as services in Selenium and Magneto. Magneto is a app with over…


Zifsoft releases Salsa Sales System version Gattling


Icon: Full project name: Salsa Suite/Apps/Salsa Sales System/Project G(attling) version:  3SGattling Problems: Scrapping the net using Selenium will yield just email or email & company name. Knowing the industry and country, will enable better email targeting. Objective: Enable intelligent sorting through industry (Biztype) and Country. Batch fill industry (BizType) and Country using company name or email addresses. These features are wizard driven. Just read the instructions and provide the necessary…