Zifsoft releases Scheduler Engage


Full Name: Salsa Scheduler Engage Project Name: Scheduler Project E App Name: Scheduler Engage Version: v 5.0 Icon: Audience: Recruiters Operations Objective: Link to resume repository Call up resumes from DB Method: Fill in the path to your resume repository Test out if you listed your path correctly Search Resume Bank: The search will be based on the activecell. If the cell is empty then the contact name will be…


Scheduler Dominion v.B release


Project Name: Scheduler Project D.2 Icon: Version: Full name: Salsa/App/ Scheduler_Dominion_version B Date release: 2017 07 07 Problem: Selenium Folderimport Tel+EM+Addy (FTEA) feature dumps large chunks of data into the email field in Scheduler/Contact tab. There are currently 4 versions of binning program. The most advance binning algorithm is in Salsa Outlook Aggressor spammer profiling Module. It’s able to bin phone numbers, companies, addresses and emails from unstructured text fairly…