Zifsoft Aggressor Report


Summary #1 on the list of spammers are the SEO fellas from India. Their email sales pitch is downright terrible. We did offer them some advise to improve their marketing pitch http://www.flavadean.com/the-zen-of-spam/ Second spammers are ZIP virus / zip worms. Open their zip and boom your computer is infected. Their spam usually come in the guise of shipping confirmation, banking chits, order confirmation. Their email is very predictable. Since the implementation…


Salsa Releases Invader Suite version 3.0


Salsa Invader: MsOutlook Plugin version 3.0 Program: Aggressor Icon  Description: Second version of mailer module with Aggressor feature. Deals with spammers using aliases Recognizes chronic spammers with alias list History: Mailer Aggressor v1.0 c Mailer Body v2.0 Mailer Clone v3.0 Download:  Beta version. Please write to us.