Salsa Planet

Salsa Planet

The common’s man collaboration game changer.

Discover, Educate, Sell.

 Salsa Earth

Salsa Ocean

Salsa APPS

Salsa Sky

Desktop / Laptop Cloud Apps Mobile

Sales Sales System

(circa 2011)

Salsa Invoice

(circa 2011)

Salsa v1.0 / Salsa BT

Blasting capability

(circa 2012)


Salsa Invader

(circa 2012)

Salsa v6 / Salsa Battery

URL launching & Email scrapping

(circa 2014)


Salsa Ocean

Collaborative module allowing sharing of contacts.

(circa 2014)

Salsa v7 / Salsa Canvass

URL search, launch & Scrapping

(circa 2015)

Salsa  Ocean Universe

Nomenclature standardization

(circa 2015)


Scheduler v1.0

Simpler scheduler with
cloud posting capability

(circa 2015-05)

Salsa v9 / Salsa Magneto

Contact cleanser.

(circa 2015)


Scheduler 2.0

Add collaboration feature

(circa 2015-12)



Salsa v10 / Salsa Selenium

Db direct interaction with Chrome.

Battery & Canvass folded into Selenium

(circa 2016)


Scheduler v2.5

Add contact database

(circa 2016)



Salsa Invader Version 1.0

Outlook direct interaction with Chrome.

(circa 2016)


Salsa v14 / Salsa NetNymph

Salsa Ocean v2.5
User error prevention features added.

Salsa Ocean v3.0

Standardized data transferred between Apps



Salsa Invader v8.0

Hacker detection and elimination.

(circa 20170808)

Scheduler v3.0

Add resume bank


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