Zifsoft releases Salsa Sales System version Gattling


Icon: Full project name: Salsa Suite/Apps/Salsa Sales System/Project G(attling) version:  3SGattling Problems: Scrapping the net using Selenium will yield just email or email & company name. Knowing the industry and country, will enable better email targeting. Objective: Enable intelligent sorting through industry (Biztype) and Country. Batch fill industry (BizType) and Country using company name or email addresses. These features are wizard driven. Just read the instructions and provide the necessary…


Zifsoft Releases: Salsa Sales System version F(rog)


2017 Project Frog First crossover functionality for other apps to use Sales App. Sales system function can work for invoicing app specifically scheduling. Utilization of array passing between subroutines as parameters passing now surpasses 24 parameters. 2016 Project Ecto Better control of sorting, filtering and cleaning of data. Better integration of the sub modules Pulled common programming features in modules Transfer common cleansing features to Magneto module.  2014  Project Dengue…


Using Salsa Sales Module to run your campaign


lifestyle innovation July 16, 2016 No Comments   Life is a campaign. There’s a start and end. Within the compartment of our lives, we run smaller campaigns: sales, recruitment, getting a raise. Campaigning is systematic, getting the pile of list, sifting through the list to find the diamond. Zifsoft’s Salsa makes life easy for the campaigner. Zifsoft Salsa is the enabler for the campaigner. The first step to any campaign…