Aggressor JUMP: first glimpse of the dark cloud


We have been developing the Outlook Invader program since 2016 first as a program to identify spammers & scammers. The program was extended to detect hackers. There’s a strong correlation between hackers and spammers/scammers (Pearson R2 = 0.72). This correlation can be realized by comparing the tuple made up from the first three sets of the IP address. Our analysis has also begun mapping the dark web consisting of blacklisted IPs…


Invader Jump will remember and tabulate hackers intrusion


Salsa Invader Jump finally gets a well deserved memory. Here’s a peek into Invader Jump’s database. We’re slowly but surely releasing the utilities to identify and analyze hackers. Aggressor Invader gets the hacker’s IP from Wordfence. We’ve been testing Invader Jump over several websites. All the websites has Wordfence as a means to detect the intruder and IP Geo Block where you can upload the IP to prevent further incursion. The…


Zifsoft beta testing Salsa Invader Jump


pp genealogy: Salsa/Outlook/Invader/Jump Project Name: Jump App Name: Jump Version: Invader version 8.0 Program: Aggressor Release Icon:  Audience: Your average user who wants to unveil the attacker Objective: An analyzer is built-in. Every time you receive a spam, JUMP starts to analyze the spam and compare against your internal database. How does it work? All the workings are internal. Uses still activate the features as before. Download: For current subscribers:…


Invader Helios analyzes the Beneficiary Scam


Beneficiary scam / inheritance scam / financial scams / investment scams / loan scams are one of the most common scams being spammed. They are a type of phish aim to get your personal information for the sole purpose of theft either your hard earned money or your identity. Zifsoft has been developing a new type of software which puts the forensic power to identify spam in your inbox. Unlike the…


Zifsoft Aggressor Report


Summary #1 on the list of spammers are the SEO fellas from India. Their email sales pitch is downright terrible. We did offer them some advise to improve their marketing pitch Second spammers are ZIP virus / zip worms. Open their zip and boom your computer is infected. Their spam usually come in the guise of shipping confirmation, banking chits, order confirmation. Their email is very predictable. Since the implementation…


Zifsoft releases Salsa Invader Helios


App genealogy: Salsa/Outlook/Invader/Helios Project Name: Helios App Name: Invader Helios Version: Invader version 5.5 Program: Aggressor Release Icon:  Audience:  Wordpress admins with Ithemes Security or Wordfence against bruteforce attack. Objective: Invader Helios is the solution after your Itheme Security or Wordfence report. You receive a report in your inbox. What do you do with it? Helios helps you unveil the attacker, send a detail report to the attackers ISPs. How…


Zifsoft releases Aggressor Gnani


Project Name: Salsa Invader Gnani Program: Aggressor Icon:  Objective:  Gnani in the Sanskrit means Knowledge; Wisdom; One Armed with Knowledge. There are 3 objective for Gnani. Project Gnani maps out the IP of spammers. Knowing the IPs helps pinpoint the spammer’s location even if they are using VPNs. The spam information are kept in two databases. These allows the spammer’s identities and spam content to be analyzed separately and in…


Aggressor FU shuts down Fuckbook 2 spam


Fuckbook 2: Fuckbook 2 works similarly to Fuckbook 1 spam. They first hack a wordpress site (in this case puts in a redirect script. Second they sent out worms that infects unsuspecting users PC sending out spam with  the redirect link ( . The ultimate landing site is Here is an example of the spam they sent: This was the detail report sent to the ISP by Aggressor FU:…


Aggressor FU May results


Alpha testing: receives a lot of spam. We suspect that is probably one of the millions of email contact being sold. Aggressor FU was installed to monitor with the goal of shutting down the spammer.  Reported generated on Weeknumber 22  INTScam is a pump and dumb stock scam. The email promotes INTS shares with some fake news that the stock will increase by 20x.  Last spam received was…


Aggressor FU shuts down WAHS


Today marks a day for Zifsoft Aggressor FU. It shut down a major global spammer and scammer that has been plaquing email users. Junkbox don’t work against them as the email addresses keep rotating. The Aggressor loves the rotation as every spam of the same kind with different variation makes it smarter. WAHS is worm that infects email and website. Thankfully the worm works in a dumb way. The perpetrator…