Zifsoft release Salsa Ocean Standard


Project Name: Salsa Ocean Software Type: Infrastructure / backend Version 3.0 Project Icon: Purpose of Ocean: Prepare the data for transport to the cloud. NEW: prepare data for transport between apps. What: All Apps have been overhauled to follow a Salsa Ocean Standard. A standard Ocean Field Map (OFM) is used for every app. Each app can keep their native pseudonym but the column must be mapped in the OFM….


Zifsoft releases Salsa Ocean v2.5


Salsa: Salsa Ocean v2.5 Icon:  Objective: added features to make access to the cloud storage more robust.  Description: Ocean v2.5 is available for download for our clients Here are the features added: Same as ver1.0 & ver2.0 Accessing the cloud storage remains the same albeit faster. All db headers are stored in the config sheet. Clicking on the option toggles between the header database and your activesheet.  If you wipe…


Zifsoft releases Salsa OceanUM

lifestyle innovation April 8, 2015 No Comments       You can now buy Salsa on our eShop: Salsa is developed by ZifSoft an associate company of Lifvation.    Salsa is a sales centric software. It subordinates all processes and fold its under sales.    The Salsa system is a simple 3 tier architecture where the backbone is a cloud based system.    Currently the Salsa system comprise of 5 applications: eHR…