Zifsoft releases Aggressor FU


Project Name: Salsa Invader FU Program: Aggressor Icon Objective: As part of a roadmap to automatic report SPAM to their ISP, Project FU adds a spam template collection database. Previously, only the headers were stored. Template collection is an important stepping stone to full automation. The dual database will be extremely useful in two aspects: rapid profile construction of new spammers, keeping track of the evolution of existing spammers. Description:…


Zifsoft Releases: Salsa Sales System version F(rog)


2017 Project Frog First crossover functionality for other apps to use Sales App. Sales system function can work for invoicing app specifically scheduling. Utilization of array passing between subroutines as parameters passing now surpasses 24 parameters. 2016 Project Ecto Better control of sorting, filtering and cleaning of data. Better integration of the sub modules Pulled common programming features in modules Transfer common cleansing features to Magneto module.  2014  Project Dengue…


Zifsoft releases Salsa Invoice Multi (version3.5)


 Salsa Suite / App: Invoice Project Name: Multi (Make Invoice) (MMI) App version: v3.5 Icon: What’s new: New feature: Multi Make Invoice (MMI) Split the function of from Reset X. Clear X Reset X (Clear X, Insert X) Streamlined invoice generation: Faster invoice generation. No more pop up asking if you want to delete existing invoice. It just does it. PDF print & sent invoice can be done on the…


Sell with 100% success with ZeroDegrees


Zero Degrees is a  a self managing block & chain system that helps sellers and buyers built their reputation. The smallest marketing unit is a person buying from another person.  Highest on the marketing rung are networks buying from networks. Zero Degrees even outs these scale by presenting a new perspective of reputation. What use if a network consistently provides bad products and has bad credibility whilst a person produces good…


Zifsoft releases Aggressor Egghead


Salsa Invader: MsOutlook Plugin version 4.5 Program: Aggressor Icon  Description: Aggressor Egg Head smart features to help construct email complaints to admins / support function / ISPs. 4 new features in Aggressor Egg Head. Feature 1: Categorization of similar viruses Feature #2: Auto construct ISP list by collection or annexation.  Goes through ISP list and collects relevant ISP emails.  Allows  user search on the web and annex ISP / support /…


Aggressor: Results


The aggressor is a different kind of anti-spam software. It’s shuts down the spammer and it’s spamming network. The end result is that the spam no longers comes into your mail box. Result Spam stickiness Spam frequency Spam Virulency Spam score (1)*(2)*(3) Description of the spam Aggressor Spam database Free of Aventis spam for a month as of date of this report. 10 2 1 20 The Aventis spam is actuated…


Zifsoft releases Salsa Selenium Gattlinger


Salsa Suite: Selenium Family Project: Lafei (旯飞) Version: L2 Gattlinger Icon:  Description: Gattlinger is a huge leap forward in Salsa scrapping technology. It’s algorithm and pattern recognition has been upgraded to include recognition of addresses, phone numbers and email. Gattlinger also improves on Salsa Selenium’s ability to scrap from different sources. Gattlinger can collect all the contacts in all the files files in a specific folder. Using the Gattlinger feature:…


Gifted Programmer Program


If you are a gifted programmer, this program is for you. There’s no scope, no boundaries. Let’s find out how good you really can be.  Zifsoft is a gifted programmer who is also an established multi-industry entrepreneur. The Gifted Programmer Program (GPP) is a life changing opportunity. Brilliance out of school is never academic. It’s street, fast and real. Things you will never learn from your lecturer.   You learn by doing. You…


Zifsoft Releases Salsa Invader DimSum


Salsa Invader: Outlook Interface Version: 3.45 Project Name: Dim Sum (version D) Program: Aggressor What does it do? Direct search on skymem directory via email fields, URL clipboard Installation: Install outlook QATs: olkaddritem.officeUI olkmailread.officeUI Install latest Salsa Invader Using DimSum features: From outlook contact: Dimsum & Selenium email scrapping features on excel Results from clicking on DimSums: Salsa Invader version History: 20130105 ver 1.0 Salsa Outlook Contact Manager Cleans up…