Zifsoft releases Salsa Selenium Netnymph


 App geneaology: Salsa Selenium NetworkNymph Project name: Net Nymph Version: Selenium version 3.0  Icon: What’s new: Recursive Technology Objective:  The objective of network nymph to advance Selenium to a fully automated lead generation technology which can scrape contacts (email, phone) off any kind of website. Description:  Selenium Netnymph works off two a couple of key technologies that resides as services in Selenium and Magneto. Magneto is a app with over…


Drill Mining for contacts


Much like how drill miners mine for gold, your contacts are can lead you to more contacts. Mining your personal contacts is also easier. As if any of the people you email ask you how you obtain the contact, you just have to say you know her colleague. In most cases, that will be the extend of the question.The contact drilling feature can be found under the Selenium module. To…


Scheduler Dominion v.B release


Project Name: Scheduler Project D.2 Icon: Version: Full name: Salsa/App/ Scheduler_Dominion_version B Date release: 2017 07 07 Problem: Selenium Folderimport Tel+EM+Addy (FTEA) feature dumps large chunks of data into the email field in Scheduler/Contact tab. There are currently 4 versions of binning program. The most advance binning algorithm is in Salsa Outlook Aggressor spammer profiling Module. It’s able to bin phone numbers, companies, addresses and emails from unstructured text fairly…


Zifsoft releases Salsa Sales System version Gattling


Icon: Full project name: Salsa Suite/Apps/Salsa Sales System/Project G(attling) version:  3SGattling Problems: Scrapping the net using Selenium will yield just email or email & company name. Knowing the industry and country, will enable better email targeting. Objective: Enable intelligent sorting through industry (Biztype) and Country. Batch fill industry (BizType) and Country using company name or email addresses. These features are wizard driven. Just read the instructions and provide the necessary…


Zifsoft releases Salsa Ocean v2.5


Salsa: Salsa Ocean v2.5 Icon:  Objective: added features to make access to the cloud storage more robust.  Description: Ocean v2.5 is available for download for our clients Here are the features added: Same as ver1.0 & ver2.0 Accessing the cloud storage remains the same albeit faster. All db headers are stored in the config sheet. Clicking on the option toggles between the header database and your activesheet.  If you wipe…


Zifsoft releases Aggressor Gnani


Project Name: Salsa Invader Gnani Program: Aggressor Icon:  Objective:  Gnani in the Sanskrit means Knowledge; Wisdom; One Armed with Knowledge. There are 3 objective for Gnani. Project Gnani maps out the IP of spammers. Knowing the IPs helps pinpoint the spammer’s location even if they are using VPNs. The spam information are kept in two databases. These allows the spammer’s identities and spam content to be analyzed separately and in…


Aggressor FU shuts down Fuckbook 2 spam


Fuckbook 2: Fuckbook 2 works similarly to Fuckbook 1 spam. They first hack a wordpress site (in this case https://t.co/) puts in a redirect script. Second they sent out worms that infects unsuspecting users PC sending out spam with  the redirect link (https://t.co/cTxrimZyot) . The ultimate landing site is date4sex.top. Here is an example of the spam they sent: This was the detail report sent to the ISP by Aggressor FU:…


Aggressor FU May results


Alpha testing: Enquiry@bricksncubes.sg receives a lot of spam. We suspect that Enquiry@bricksncubes.sg is probably one of the millions of email contact being sold. Aggressor FU was installed to monitor enquiry@bricksncubes.sg with the goal of shutting down the spammer.  Reported generated on Weeknumber 22  INTScam is a pump and dumb stock scam. The email promotes INTS shares with some fake news that the stock will increase by 20x.  Last spam received was…


Aggressor FU shuts down WAHS


Today marks a day for Zifsoft Aggressor FU. It shut down a major global spammer and scammer that has been plaquing email users. Junkbox don’t work against them as the email addresses keep rotating. The Aggressor loves the rotation as every spam of the same kind with different variation makes it smarter. WAHS is worm that infects email and website. Thankfully the worm works in a dumb way. The perpetrator…


Investor Relations


Dear Potential Investor, Thank you for reading this page. Zifsoft is fully funded by it’s founder & programmer (Dylan). To accelerate the current program, it’s estimated that Zifsoft needs USD 3 Million to complete Salsa Earth, Salsa Ocean and Salsa Sky. There are half a dozen programs to make these systems a quantum leap. Each of the programs will yield standalone products. An example of a program is the Invader Aggressor program that…