Invader Helios analyzes the Beneficiary Scam


Beneficiary scam / inheritance scam / financial scams / investment scams / loan scams are one of the most common scams being spammed. They are a type of phish aim to get your personal information for the sole purpose of theft either your hard earned money or your identity. Zifsoft has been developing a new type of software which puts the forensic power to identify spam in your inbox. Unlike the…


Zifsoft release Scheduler Fides


e: Salsa Scheduler Fides Project Name: Scheduler Project F App Name: Scheduler Fides Version: v 5.5 Icon: Audience: Recruiters Operations Objective: Batch processing of Resumes, approximately 1000 in 10 minutes. What’s new: 5 key features: Feature 1: RB (Resume Bank) operations. Get rid of duplicates & files that can’t be opened. Feature 2: File converters. Feature 3: Algorithm driven auto processing of resumes. Hunts Email, addresses, phone number, job role,…


Zifsoft release Salsa Ocean Standard


Project Name: Salsa Ocean Software Type: Infrastructure / backend Version 3.0 Project Icon: Purpose of Ocean: Prepare the data for transport to the cloud. NEW: prepare data for transport between apps. What: All Apps have been overhauled to follow a Salsa Ocean Standard. A standard Ocean Field Map (OFM) is used for every app. Each app can keep their native pseudonym but the column must be mapped in the OFM….


Zifsoft releases Scheduler Engage


Full Name: Salsa Scheduler Engage Project Name: Scheduler Project E App Name: Scheduler Engage Version: v 5.0 Icon: Audience: Recruiters Operations Objective: Link to resume repository Call up resumes from DB Method: Fill in the path to your resume repository Test out if you listed your path correctly Search Resume Bank: The search will be based on the activecell. If the cell is empty then the contact name will be…


Zifsoft Aggressor Report


Summary #1 on the list of spammers are the SEO fellas from India. Their email sales pitch is downright terrible. We did offer them some advise to improve their marketing pitch Second spammers are ZIP virus / zip worms. Open their zip and boom your computer is infected. Their spam usually come in the guise of shipping confirmation, banking chits, order confirmation. Their email is very predictable. Since the implementation…


Zifsoft releases Salsa Invader Helios


App genealogy: Salsa/Outlook/Invader/Helios Project Name: Helios App Name: Invader Helios Version: Invader version 5.5 Program: Aggressor Release Icon:  Audience:  Wordpress admins with Ithemes Security or Wordfence against bruteforce attack. Objective: Invader Helios is the solution after your Itheme Security or Wordfence report. You receive a report in your inbox. What do you do with it? Helios helps you unveil the attacker, send a detail report to the attackers ISPs. How…


Zifsoft releases Salsa Selenium Netnymph


 App geneaology: Salsa Selenium NetworkNymph Project name: Net Nymph Version: Selenium version 3.0  Icon: What’s new: Recursive Technology Objective:  The objective of network nymph to advance Selenium to a fully automated lead generation technology which can scrape contacts (email, phone) off any kind of website. Description:  Selenium Netnymph works off two a couple of key technologies that resides as services in Selenium and Magneto. Magneto is a app with over…


Drill Mining for contacts


Much like how drill miners mine for gold, your contacts are can lead you to more contacts. Mining your personal contacts is also easier. As if any of the people you email ask you how you obtain the contact, you just have to say you know her colleague. In most cases, that will be the extend of the question.The contact drilling feature can be found under the Selenium module. To…


Scheduler Dominion v.B release


Project Name: Scheduler Project D.2 Icon: Version: Full name: Salsa/App/ Scheduler_Dominion_version B Date release: 2017 07 07 Problem: Selenium Folderimport Tel+EM+Addy (FTEA) feature dumps large chunks of data into the email field in Scheduler/Contact tab. There are currently 4 versions of binning program. The most advance binning algorithm is in Salsa Outlook Aggressor spammer profiling Module. It’s able to bin phone numbers, companies, addresses and emails from unstructured text fairly…