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Mission:  We built software that auto-discover about:

  • you
  • your family
  • your network
Specialties:  Highly scalable P2P app that is fully integrated

  • on desktop
  • on mobile
  • on tablet
Software The Salsa suite started out as a CRM to acquire leads and manage existing leads. The Salsa has been very successful that it allows a single person to grow and own leads easily. Half a million leads is a typical benchmark. Salsa helps the user create a profile about each lead. Salsa Invader is a test software used to profile spammers. It is still semi-automatic with a simple algorithm but it is evolving. It’s been used to shed light into the identities of spammers such as where they work, where they live and what are they selling. Salsa Invader’s development will be folded back into the main Salsa customer database where each customer’s profile can be automatically built. The application for such a software is tremendous. Salsa Invader outputs the following profile:

  • identity
  • commonality of events
  • current and latent needs
Solution Our solution can be used to dot the bread and butter stuff:

  • EDM
  • eHR scheduling,
  • Invoicing
  • Collaborative systems
  •  data sharing
  • Mailer
  • POS
Learn more about ZifSoft’s proprietary cloud technology, the SALSA system here:

You can purchase the Salsa system on our eshop:  eshop
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