Zifsoft beta testing Salsa Invader Jump

pp genealogy: Salsa/Outlook/Invader/Jump
Project Name: Jump
App Name: Jump
Version: Invader version 8.0
Program: Aggressor
Release Icon:

  • Your average user who wants to unveil the attacker
  • An analyzer is built-in. Every time you receive a spam, JUMP starts to analyze the spam and compare against your internal database.
How does it work?
  • All the workings are internal. Uses still activate the features as before.

Download: For current subscribers: \\Salsa\Program\Devt\codes\Invader\Jump
Release history:
  • 20130105 ver 1.0 Salsa Outlook Contact Manager
    Cleans up contact db
    Deletes duplicate
  • 20140101 ver 2.0 Salsa Outlook Contact Manager
    Works with Salsa email blasting (Salsa BT)
    Includes unsubscribe
    Exports and deletes invalid emails
  • 20160101 ver3.0 Renamed to Salsa Invader
    Incorporates Salsa Selenium search features
    Search directly in sales db
  • 20160501 ver4.0 Salsa Invader Aggressor
    Exposes spammers and traces their IP
  • 20160701 ver4.1 Salsa Invader Body
    Searches bait URL in the email body
    Prototype analytical module to analyze headers
  • 20160805 ver4.2 Salsa Invader Clone
    Searches contact for same spammer using aliases
  • 20161225 ver4.3 Salsa Invader DimSum
    Addition of Dim Sum features from Salsa Lafei project
  • 20170311 ver 4.5 Salsa Invader Egg Head
    The first 2 subprojects of adding pattern recognition algorithm to identifying and categorizing spam.
  • 20170415 ver 4.6 Salsa Invader FU
    Addition of a template database,
  • 20170624 ver 5.25 Salsa Invader Gnani
    IP mapper to isolate major spammers.
  • 20170826 ver 5.5 Salsa Invader Helios.
    Sends ISP report base on IP. The next step to receiving report of a bruteforce attack from iTheme Security and Wordfence.
  • 20171010 ver 6.0 Salsa Invader Inuus (not released)
    Analyzer development
  • 20180110 ver 8.0 Salsa Invader Jump
    Analysis capability to detect IP, server capability, point of first attack (based on date forensics).


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