Zifsoft release Salsa Ocean Standard

Project Name: Salsa Ocean
Software Type: Infrastructure / backend
Version 3.0
Project Icon:
Purpose of Ocean:
  • Prepare the data for transport to the cloud.
  • NEW: prepare data for transport between apps.
  • All Apps have been overhauled to follow a Salsa Ocean Standard. A standard Ocean Field Map (OFM) is used for every app.
    Each app can keep their native pseudonym but the column must be mapped in the OFM.
  • The benefit is that all the features of the Apps can be used regardless of the different configuration of your worksheet.
  • There are 10 modules with 10 Apps with 180 services.

For subscribers:



Version History:

Version Circa Name Purpose Software Icon
1.0 2015-12 Ocean
  • Prepare data for transport to cloud DB.
2.0 2016-08 Ocean UM
  • Streamline data being pushed and downloaded from cloud DB.
  • Address multi-users & real time updates.

2.5 2017-06 Ocean 2.5
  • Added features to restore headers in worksheet
3.0 2017-09 Ocean Standard
  • Standardize data to be transferred between Apps.


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