Zifsoft releases Scheduler Engage

Full Name: Salsa Scheduler Engage
Project Name: Scheduler Project E
App Name: Scheduler Engage
Version: v 5.0
  • Recruiters
  • Operations
  • Link to resume repository
  • Call up resumes from DB
  • Fill in the path to your resume repository

  • Test out if you listed your path correctly

  • Search Resume Bank: The search will be based on the activecell. If the cell is empty then the contact name will be used.

  • list resume bank: a directory of ¬†all resumes in your resume bank will be published

  • Open Resume. Select the cell. If cell contains correct name, file will open.
  • Rename Save Delete (RSD): 1. Open the resume, 2. click on “RSD” option, file will close, 3.Old file will be deleted, 4. file will be converted to xml format and rename COUNTRY_NAME_ROLE.xml


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