Zifsoft releases Salsa Selenium Netnymph

 App geneaology:
  • Salsa Selenium NetworkNymph
Project name:
  • Net Nymph
  • Selenium version 3.0
What’s new:
  • Recursive Technology
  •  The objective of network nymph to advance Selenium to a fully automated lead generation technology which can scrape contacts (email, phone) off any kind of website.
  •  Selenium Netnymph works off two a couple of key technologies that resides as services in Selenium and Magneto. Magneto is a app with over 30 services dedicated to cleaning contacts.
  • Netnymph starts off with canvass which copies a webpage and scrapes the webpage of contacts. You can specify markers within the page where you want Netnymph to start collecting links. The links are stored in Selenium Battery. When the Canvass has done it’s job, Battery reloads the Canvass with new links and cycle starts again.
Accessing network nymph
  •  Setup. This is an important step as you don’t want to Netnymph to go on forever. Why?  your machine will run out of resources and you’ll get the dreaded blue screen.
    1: Do your setup in the Battery Tab.
    2: Specify a start marker for Netnymph to start collecting links.
    3: Specify a end marker for Netnymph to stop collecting links.
    4: Specify a loop limit for Netnmpyh.
    5: Netnymph will keep track of the loops. It will stop when the the number you specified in 4 has been reached.
  • Accessing Netnymph:

Downloading: ..\\Salsa\Program\Devt\Salsa\Netnymph_recurser



version release date Project Name Release Name Summary Icon
 ver.1.0 2014 Kalais Selenium Battery Link repository

 ver2.0 2016 Juno Selenium Canvass Unstructured page scrapping  
ver3.0 2017 Netnymph Selenium Netnymp Recursive scrapping


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