Drill Mining for contacts

Much like how drill miners mine for gold, your contacts are can lead you to more contacts.
Mining your personal contacts is also easier. As if any of the people you email ask you how you obtain the contact, you just have to say you know her colleague.
In most cases, that will be the extend of the question.The contact drilling feature can be found under the Selenium module. To work the feature effectively. We’ll need to address three items.
STEP 1: Navigation

  • You want to navigate pass all similar email domains using “Go To Last Similar” found under the Genfct module.
  • This positions you in the last cell of a similar email domain.

STEP 2: Drilling

The drilling is straight forward. Select the cell and let it rip.

  • Drill settings: 
  • Last position setting: 
  • Running the drill:


 STEP 3:  Cleaning up the drill results.

What is being cleaned?

  • duplicates
  • nonsense emails
  • long emails
  • emails with words like DPO, webmaster, xxx, vulgarities.
STEP 4:  Returning to next place to drill.

You can easily find the last marker left by the drill. Click on any cell on column 20, use Genfct / gotolast


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