Scheduler Dominion v.B release

Project Name: Scheduler Project D.2

  • Full name: Salsa/App/ Scheduler_Dominion_version B
  • Date release: 2017 07 07
  • Selenium Folderimport Tel+EM+Addy (FTEA) feature dumps large chunks of data into the email field in Scheduler/Contact tab.

  • There are currently 4 versions of binning program.
  • The most advance binning algorithm is in Salsa Outlook Aggressor spammer profiling Module. It’s able to bin phone numbers, companies, addresses and emails from unstructured text fairly well.
  • The second most advance binning algorithm, resides in a dedicated pattern binning module called Selenium.Oldbridge. ¬†This used to be the workhorse of the salesdb email acquisition program but ported to Selenium with some algorithm upgrades.
  • The third pattern binning program is made out of about half a dozen smaller sub-modules spreading from 3S, Magneto and Genfct. They pass parameters between each other to intelligently sort out information. Each sub-module on their own are highly optimized. Together they form a very good flexible SOA that can probably out perform Selenium.oldbridge.
  • Unfortunately, FTEA binning is the dumbest of the lot. It was developed from an old abandoned sub-module from the earlier emailblaster scrapping system in 2011/2012. The adaptation was useful to demonstrate the Selenium Gattlinger concept.
Temporary solution:
  • Instead of porting the module from Salsa Outlook Aggressor into Selenium, the project Monopalette merges similar functions. The Monopalette project is design to integrate Salsa. It’s the birth of Salsa Planet.
  • In the interim, Scheduler Dominion-B with annextonotes feature is a band-aid to rebin the large text problem from FTEA.
  • How to use? Select your any cell. Click / select a range. Click on annextonotes. The program will look at each cell within the range. It will separate the emails and leave them in the active cell. The activecell content will be annexed to the notes cell. Annex means the activecell content will be added to the existing notes cell without erasing the existing notes.
 Install \\Salsa\Program\Devt\Salsa\Lafei\


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