Zifsoft releases Salsa Sales System version Gattling

Full project name: Salsa Suite/Apps/Salsa Sales System/Project G(attling)
version:  3SGattling
  • Scrapping the net using Selenium will yield just email or email & company name.
  • Knowing the industry and country, will enable better email targeting.
  • Enable intelligent sorting through industry (Biztype) and Country.
  • Batch fill industry (BizType) and Country using company name or email addresses. These features are wizard driven. Just read the instructions and provide the necessary input.





 When Selenium scrapes of webpage for email address, in most cases you only get the email address. As a marketer, Industry and country are two fields essential to understanding your target markets. Use these features to batch fill in the country and industry.

 Install: for subscribed users, download from //Salsa/Program/Respository/App/3S/3SGatt


Release history:

Zifsoft Releases: Salsa Sales System version F(rog)

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