Zifsoft releases Aggressor Gnani

Project Name: Salsa Invader Gnani
Program: Aggressor

 Objective:  Gnani in the Sanskrit means Knowledge; Wisdom; One Armed with Knowledge. There are 3 objective for Gnani.

  1. Project Gnani maps out the IP of spammers.
  2. Knowing the IPs helps pinpoint the spammer’s location even if they are using VPNs.
  3. The spam information are kept in two databases. These allows the spammer’s identities and spam content to be analyzed separately and in more detail.

Description of Gnani IP mapper:

When you install the latest Aggressor, the 3 flag icon will appear. Click on it and Gnani IP mapper will map out your spammer’s IP.

IP Map Database generated by Gnani IP mapper. Each line in the report represents one particular instance of a spam.

You can do indepth analysis on the spammers. With the report, you can isolate the spammer eventhough they have different themes to their spam.

 Once you isolate the spammer, you can do an IP trace. Now you know where the spammer lives.

Dig deeper and you have found the spammer’s service provider. Game over spammer!

inetnum: –
netname: CYBERNET
descr: Cyber Internet Services Pakistan
descr: A – 904 9th Floor Lakson Square Building No. 3
descr: No. 3, Sarwar Shaheed Road Karachi-74200 Pakistan
country: PK
admin-c: AA583-AP
tech-c: AS1144-AP
mnt-by: APNIC-HM
address: A904, 9th Floor,Lakson Bldg 3,Sarwar Shaheed Rd,Karachi-74200
admin-c: AS1144-AP
tech-c: AS1144-AP
auth: # Filtered
mnt-by: MAINT-PK-AAS
source: APNICperson: Arsalan Ahmed
nic-hdl: AA583-AP
address: A904,9th Floor,Lakson Bldg 3,Sarwar Shaheed Rd,Karachi-74200
phone: +92-21-35698714
fax-no: +92-21-35698759
country: PK
mnt-by: MAINT-NEW
source: APNICperson: Aftab Siddiqui
address: A904, 9th Floor,Lakson Bldg 3,Sarwar Shaheed Rd,Karachi-74200
country: PK
phone: +92-021-35698778
nic-hdl: AS1144-AP
mnt-by: MAINT-NEW
source: APNICroute:
descr: Cybernet Prefix in use by Ebone-Dreamnet
origin: AS58895
country: PK
source: APNICroute:
descr: Cyber Internet Services (Pvt) Ltd
origin: AS9541
country: PK
source: APNIC


Release History:
  • 20130105 ver 1.0 Salsa Outlook Contact Manager
    Cleans up contact db
    Deletes duplicate
  • 20140101 ver 2.0 Salsa Outlook Contact Manager
    Works with Salsa email blasting (Salsa BT)
    Includes unsubscribe
    Exports and deletes invalid emails
  • 20160101 ver3.0 Renamed to Salsa Invader
    Incorporates Salsa Selenium search features
    Search directly in sales db
  • 20160501 ver4.0 Salsa Invader Aggressor
    Exposes spammers and traces their IP
  • 20160701 ver4.1 Salsa Invader Body
    Searches bait URL in the email body
    Prototype analytical module to analyze headers
  • 20160805 ver4.2 Salsa Invader Clone
    Searches contact for same spammer using aliases
  • 20161225 ver4.3 Salsa Invader DimSum
    Addition of Dim Sum features from Salsa Lafei project
  • 20170311 ver 4.5 Salsa Invader Egg Head
    The first 2 subprojects of adding pattern recognition algorithm to identifying and categorizing spam.
  • 20170415 ver 4.6 Salsa Invader FU
    Addition of a template database,
  • 20170624 ver 5.25 Salsa Invader Gnani
    IP mapper to isolate major spammers.



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