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Dear Potential Investor,

Thank you for reading this page. Zifsoft is fully funded by it’s founder & programmer (Dylan). To accelerate the current program, it’s estimated that Zifsoft needs USD 3 Million to complete Salsa Earth, Salsa Ocean and Salsa Sky. There are half a dozen programs to make these systems a quantum leap. Each of the programs will yield standalone products. An example of a program is the Invader Aggressor program that is a standalone program that battles spams. The penultimate is to make the three systems work cohesively under Salsa Planet. Salsa Planet implements the Zero Degrees concept which will define a new generation of virtual social interaction.

I am interested in investment co-deals from well known venture capital coupled with a technology player on my wishllist. My wishlist: Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google.

If you are a well known venture cap who can structure a deal with one of the tech players on my wish list, please contact me /+65 97377571.




Founder / Programmer

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