Zifsoft Releases: Salsa Sales System version F(rog)

2017 Project Frog
  • First crossover functionality for other apps to use Sales App.
    • Sales system function can work for invoicing app specifically scheduling.
    • Utilization of array passing between subroutines as parameters passing now surpasses 24 parameters.

2016 Project Ecto
  • Better control of sorting, filtering and cleaning of data.
  • Better integration of the sub modules
    • Pulled common programming features in modules
    • Transfer common cleansing features to Magneto module.

 2014  Project Dengue
  •  Two way rapid mass data transfer between outlook and Excel.

 2013  Project CC
  •  Closer integration with MS Outlook in contacts and appointments.

 2012  Project Bacteria
  •  Intel gathering tools built it
  • Rapid emailing to prospects
  • Manual syncing capability

 2011  Project Amoeba
  •  Simple excel sheeet with blasting capability


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