Zifsoft releases Salsa Invoice Multi (version3.5)

 Salsa Suite / App: Invoice
Project Name: Multi (Make Invoice) (MMI)
App version: v3.5
What’s new:
  • New feature:
    • Multi Make Invoice (MMI)
    • Split the function of from Reset X.
      • Clear X
      • Reset X (Clear X, Insert X)
  • Streamlined invoice generation:
    • Faster invoice generation. No more pop up asking if you want to delete existing invoice. It just does it.
    • PDF print & sent invoice can be done on the invoice itself rather than just from the db
  • Bug fixes
    • Bug name Previous Now
      Cancel Previously it didn’t. Cancel invoice generation stops the invoice generation process.
      PDF bug. When a PDF file of similar name is open, Salsa crashes. Switch Interface to Sumatra PDF rather than Acrobat. Problem solved.
      Page alignment bug Account summary was properly aligned. Aligned and page set now auto.
      Account Summary accuracy bug Last row for account summary wasn’t picked up.
Installation: Download latest XLAM from repository Salsa\Lafei\
 Instructions: Step 1: Select the rows range that you want to multi-print. No need to reset X.

Step2: Choose Multi Make Invoice (MMI)

Step 3: Follow pop up instruction to choose the record to include into your invoices. In this selection you’ll see that there 4 different invoices in there. Each invoice number represents a unique and different invoice.

Step 4:  MMI will start stepping through your selection.


PDF invoice Worksheet


Step 5: MMI starts the next cycle

  • Multi Make Invoice (MMI) should feel very similar to the generation of 1 invoice.
  • There are 2 differences that you should take note:
    • No need to reset X
    • It doesn’t email out each invoice. Auto email out each invoice will be added in the next feature once there’s enough checks put in. We are still ironing our the criterias to check so that the invoices that goes out is free of error.


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