Sell with 100% success with ZeroDegrees

Zero Degrees is a  a self managing block & chain system that helps sellers and buyers built their reputation. The smallest marketing unit is a person buying from another person.  Highest on the marketing rung are networks buying from networks. Zero Degrees even outs these scale by presenting a new perspective of reputation. What use if a network consistently provides bad products and has bad credibility whilst a person produces good product and has high cred. With a reputation scale, Zero Degrees presents the trading world from a very different lense.

Zero Degrees is a concept implemented on Salsa Planet. Salsa Planet is block chain software where the “reputation” of a user is kept in the user’s own ledger. This distributed ledger system  enables Salsa Planet to be self managed and self growing. Each “block” (seller or  buyer) garners trust reputation through successful transactions (“chain”).  A network of blocks and chains enjoys tremendous buying and selling scale. In the physical world, these chains and blocks are available only to large organizations. ZeroDegrees provides access to these blocks (sellers & buyers) by facilitating reputation building. ZeroDegrees evens out the trading field.

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