Aggressor: Results

The aggressor is a different kind of anti-spam software. It’s shuts down the spammer and it’s spamming network. The end result is that the spam no longers comes into your mail box.

Result Spam stickiness Spam frequency Spam Virulency Spam score (1)*(2)*(3) Description of the spam Aggressor Spam database
Free of Aventis spam for a month as of date of this report. 10 2 1 20
  • The Aventis spam is actuated by their inhouse newsletter generator done via .php engine.
  • The newsletter has no unsubscribe and no one answers the mailers.
  • The ISPs were not reacting to the report.
  • We tested Aggressor social email scrapper module (DimSum). Dimsum can scrape the spamming email address, collates these emails and put it into the c.c.. It’s a name and shame strategy. In this instance, DimSum collated the emails of all employees from the spamming organization.
  • The use of DimSum is usually reserved for high spam stickiness.

Free of spam for two weeks as of date of this report.. 10 6 3 180
  • The spam spoofs address but always contains the bait site
  • Once this spam gets hold of your address, you’ll get 5-6 of these spams a day.
  • Aggressor analyzes each spam, collates the report and sends the report to the respective ISP. Most ISPs are quite responsive and will terminate the source.


 Free of the coretek spam for 2 weeks as of date of this report.. 8 1 1 8
  •  The coretek spam is a relatively unsophisticated spam sent from China via distribution list.
  • Their main purpose to is to sell you OEM USB sticks.
  • The Chinese ISP taking a longer time to react.

 Currently working on WAHS. 10 6 3 180
  •  WAHS (work at home scam) is a well known worm infecting websites and PCs.
  • 5-6 WAHS spam per day.

Currently working on the Oplustek spam. 5 1 1 5
  • Oplustek or FOSHAN WEINAER CERAMICS CO .,LTD spam is a persistent spam send by their sales manager Kedwin Luo.
  • Kedwin uses spoofing software which is not as sophisticated as or WAHS. The software are operated from three addresses: probably his home, a mobile connection and his office.

There are other cases that Aggressor has been very effective especially SEO offers that come from India using free mail like,,, They don’t get a second chance. The email providers are highly efficient in stopping the spammers in their track.


Spam stickiness Spam frequency Spam Virulency Spam score (1)*(2)*(3)
Refers to how persistent the spammer is in sending spam to you. Is a maximum email count on the number of spam the same spammer sends you in a day. This metric is a measure of whether there is a virus attached or any form of url that redirects you another site. 1000 is the maximum score.


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