Zipsoft releases: Invader version 1.2

What is Invader?
  • Salsa MS Outlook connector
  • Facilitate exchange of information between MS Outlook and Salsa Database
  • To create an automatic profiler where the contacts becomes alive. As part of the roadmap to make the profiler,
    the Aggressor program is launched.
    Aggressor turns to fighting spam as a first step to creating that smart algorithm.
    The Aggressor program will also be commercially viable as we know junkbox doesn’t work
    and antivirus filters don’t stop the spam. Today’s tool just hide the spam.
    Aggressor is targeted to put spammers out of business by getting them banned by their ISP.
  • What’s after Aggressor? Well what’s after letter ‘A’? Stay tune and we’ll let you know.
Program: Aggressor Development
Release history:
Year Version Description
2013 •0.1 •Simple Import & export of Contact
2014 •0.5

•Make appointment

•Opt out feature for email blast

2015 •1.0 •Synchronization feature with Salsa DB
2016 •1.2 •Auto recognition of addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses from any digital source.



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