Using Salsa Sales Module to run your campaign


Life is a campaign. There’s a start and end. Within the compartment of our lives, we run smaller campaigns: sales, recruitment, getting a raise. Campaigning is systematic, getting the pile of list, sifting through the list to find the diamond. Zifsoft’s Salsa makes life easy for the campaigner. Zifsoft Salsa is the enabler for the campaigner.

The first step to any campaign is that you need a list. What is a list? A list is your target audience, your customer, your potential candidate. If you don’t have a list, you need to get one. We created for Lifvation a nice system to capture a list of potential candidates. The HR manager works very closely with their marketing expert to funnel potential candidates into the site where candidates deposit their CV.

The CV can easily be downloaded from the dashboard,

Export the candidates:

Open the exported csv file:

Second part is to clean up the list. Cleaning up allows the recruiter There are several ways of going through the list. Here are some strategies.

Filtering out record that are incomplete, no phone number, no email. iF candidates are not even intelligent enough to leave their calling card, you don’t need to waste your time.

Since Singapore makes hiring foreigners a big challenge, for small companies like Lifvation, filtering out foreigners will be a logical way to get the a-list faster.

Finally, separate the candidates into a-list, b-list, c-list. Moving candidates around

Running the campaign. The objective of the campaign is to bring your target audience closer to you. Campaigns are run in three phases.

Familiaring Calling Face 2 Face
Familiaring is making your target audience comfortable,  familiar with you, your company, your products, your ideals. The human voice is an amazing conduit to convey warmth and sincerity. When you get back to this part, the chance of closing a sale is more than half.  When you are face to face, sales is almost 90% done.

 Starting Salsa is simple.

Draft your email.

Open up your database & register your email draft.

Go to your database, activate the emailblast.

Choose your email campaign & click OK. Watch the emailblaster send out your email campaign.

First draft your email campaign.

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