Zifsoft releases Salsa Magneto Invoice App

Salsa Magneto Invoice, version 4.0 release

Release notes
  • This app runs on Salsa Magneto which replaces Salsa OceanUM.
  • There are no more buttons in the invoice app.
  • All functionalities are access through the Magneto Ribbon.
  • Functionalities for each app is essentially unchanged but enhanced for speed purposes.
  • The short cut key for Ocean still works.
 Libraries needed to run this app  Slide7
 Unlike the Salsa_OcenUM, Salsa Magneto no longer has buttons on the worksheet. The buttons or functions are now accessed through a Magneto Ribbon. Accessing the Magneto Core, CTRL+Shift+M  Slide3
Each app will have its own heading. Slide4
 You can access the functions of the app by clicking on the menu on the ribbon. Slide5
 To exit Salsa Magneto, simple click ‘close’ under the Magneto Ribbon heading. Slide6
PDF introduction: Salsa_Invoice_vW

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