Zifsoft releases Salsa Battery from Project Kalais


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•Salsa Battery
•Full name: Salsa Selenium Battery
•Project Name: Kalais
•Gamma Release, 20160302

Battery takes email scrapping to the next level. Taking on directories and exploring the links within the directory.

20151111 •Salsa Selenium
•Full name: Salsa Selenium Juno
•Project Name: Juno
•Gamma Release, 20151111

This will be Salsa’s entry into the automated email scrapper world. This will be algorithmic with simple neural network built into it. Three software are built to make Selenium: OB, LiR and PatB (Pinky and the Brain or “Patb” for short).


•Salsa Magneto
•Full name: Salsa Magneto
•Project Name: Iridium
•release, 20150825

Salsa Magneto is designed to rapidly cleanup email that is acquired.

20150505 •Salsa Universe
•Full name: Salsa Universe Matrix
•Project name: Hyper
•release, 20150505

Salsa Universes is a huge project to integrate the various apps that runs on Salsa. Previously each App had their own programming style, their proprietary data structure. Salsa Universe fixes it

20150202 •Salsa Ocean
•Full name: Salsa Ocean
•Project Name: Granger
•release, 20150202

Salsa Ocean makes a leap into the cloud allowing several people of large distances to work together from sales campaigns, invoicing to scheduling.

20141111 •Salsa BT
•Full name: Salsa Blast & Throttle
•Project Name: Fusion
•release, 20141111

Email blasting capability added into the Salsa Core. This allows Salsa user to work while Salsa runs the user’s email direct marketing (EDM) in the background. Users can control the email that they blast out by interval so that their IP don’t get black listed.

20111111 •Salsa
•Full name: Salsa Core
•Project Name: Arnold
•release, 20111111.

Salsa stems from the idea that an average joe with a laptop, excel and outlook can run a sophisticated ad campaigns similar to the big boys. Salsa is your home ad campaign manager on a laptop with Office installed. With Salsa core you don’t really need to download fancy, expensive software or any pirated software. You just use your Excel, Outlook like you normally do. This was the game changer for the little guy. Your own sales system on your laptop.

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